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Reg Organizer 9.20 Beta


Reg Organizer is a multifunctional program for cleaning the registry and its maintenance, as well as working with configuration files, which you can download for free at .

In addition, the new version of Reg Organizer has received a completely updated tool for optimizing the registry. This should be specially emphasized, because this function of the program has become really simple and functional.

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First, the optimization process was significantly improved and the optimization of new branches of the system registry was added to it.

Secondly, to replace the already familiar to the users of Reg Organizer optimization wizard, which could be seen in previous versions, came another, new, simplified interface. When working with it, you need to press just one single button to start the optimization process.

Now you do not need to switch from the tab to the tab and read the text on each one. From now on, you just need to press one single button and you can “lean back” – the program will do everything yourself.

Main features of the program:
  • Registry editor for viewing and editing the system registry, allowing you to perform various operations with keys and values ​​of the system registry, export and import key values, etc.
  • Registry Cleaner to search for unnecessary entries in the registry, and to find and fix problems in the registry.
  • The search function in the registry allows you to find keys related to the application you are interested in and delete them if necessary. This is useful, for example, in the case when an application does not have an uninstall program and after its removal “manually”, unnecessary entries remain in the registry, which can lead to incorrect functioning of other applications. At the same time, Reg Organizer makes a deeper search and allows you to often find even those keys associated with this application that will not be found by other similar programs.
  • The ability to change many “fine settings” of Windows (tweaks). In particular, you can speed up your system by instructing the system to use a larger cache, or by forcing the system to unload unused libraries from memory, etc.
  • Ability to receive information about any key of the registry and monitor changes in it.
  • Preview the registry files (*. Reg) before importing their contents, including directly from the Explorer. When viewing an imported reg-file, its contents are represented as a tree structure, which allows to present in a visual form all the keys that will be imported into the registry.
  • The search and replace mode in the registry is a convenient tool for finding (and, if necessary, changing) registry keys or parameters that meet the search criteria.
  • Built-in function to uninstall any application. It can make a “snapshot” of the system before and after installing the application, after which you can completely “roll back” the changes made to the system, as if the application was not installed.
  • The Disk Cleanup tool allows you to automatically clean your computer’s hard disks from various unnecessary files, as well as search and fix incorrect shortcuts.
  • Management of configuration files. With the Reg Organizer program you can open and edit (add, modify, delete keys / sections) INI files of various programs.
  • Importing new types of configuration files into the program. With the help of the Import Panel, you can describe a new type of configuration file, then download files of this type and work with them as with files of a known format, which allows you to apply editing and modification operations to them.

Changes in Reg Organizer 8:

  • The concept of disk cleaning has been updated, as the old concept had a number of inconveniences and in some cases caused the effect of “hovering”. Yes, and the effectiveness of the old version of disk cleaning has slightly decreased. For these reasons, the old version was simply removed from Reg Organizer entirely. In its place, a new tool was created, which was written from scratch.
  • Cleaning new-generation disks scans 13 areas of the system, and does so disastrously fast compared to previous versions of Reg Organizer. In addition to some standard areas, there are also extended ones. Currently, the following areas are represented: old driver files, temporary system folder, temporary user folder, crash reports, explorer sketches, error reports, invalid shortcuts, system logs, unnecessary temporary files, installation system cache, Recycle bin, old files updates and temporary Internet Explorer files.
  • Scanning disk cleaning tools now takes from a few seconds to a minute. Although on some systems and when activating, for example, a group of old update files, this procedure can be delayed for a longer time. For example, on our test system running Windows 8.1, scanning takes about 10-11 seconds. But this indicator can vary greatly depending on the computer’s performance and the operating state (availability of free resources).
  • In the beta version a special vote has been added, which will allow all interested users to comment on the program. For example, you can complain about some inconvenience, a problem found, or, on the contrary, praise the program. For this, in the right upper corner of the express checkout window you will find two links “good” and “bad”. When you click on the “bad” link, you will also be asked to send a message, in which you can describe in detail the problem that you have encountered.
Features RePack’a: 
Type: installation | unpacking.
Languages: Russian | English.
Cut: nothing.
Activation: conducted.
Command line switches:
• Silent installation of the Russian version: / S / I
• Quiet unpacking of the portable version: / S / P
• Also possible to choose the directory to install: After all keys, add / D =% path% Example: setup_file.exe / S / I / D = C: \ RegOrganizer
Changes in the version of Reg Organizer 9.20 Beta
* New cleaning section of the system: “Update log files”.
* Notification about adding programs to autorun with their security check in the cloud anti-virus database. By default it is disabled, to enable it, go to the “Autorun Programs” tool and activate the corresponding option.
* Ability to completely exclude any of the predefined cleaning sections (they are located in the left part of the window) from the scan in the Clean data purge. To do this, the context menu command is added to the list of preinstalled partitions.
* Chinese language support in the interface (in total, the program is now available in 15 languages)

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* Bug fixes:
1) Sometimes, immediately after the “System Cleanup” function was running, when scanning again, a small number of unnecessary files were found again.
2) The “Back” button in the “Autorun programs” tool did not work.
3) The “Remove Programs” tool: the “Commands and Settings” button was not displayed.
4) After cleaning the Recycle Bin, an overestimated volume of the freed space could be displayed due to the incorrectly calculated sizes of NTFS reparse point elements.
5) Occasionally the message “System Error. Code 1400: Invalid Window Descriptor” appeared spontaneously.
6) If classic registry cleaning is enabled, then the corresponding button did not disappear from the tool selection panel when minimizing the section containing it.

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10


You can download Reg Organizer from the link below…

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