Advanced Uninstaller PRO With Crack + Portable+ Full Version{Latest}!


Advanced Uninstaller PRO With Crack + Portable+ Full Version{Latest}!

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a powerful uninstaller for Windows applications that allows you to quickly and completely remove programs using a simple and intuitive interface.

This utility can repair or remove non-working registry entries, clean up non-functioning Start menu shortcuts, remove toolbars (toolbars) and plug-ins in browsers, remove fonts, stop programs running in the system tray, etc.

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Advanced Uninstaller Pro With Patch:

The program helps to preserve the privacy of users when working on the Internet, clearing the cache of pages viewed and the history of open documents.

The functionality of the application is quite diverse and contains all the necessary tools to fully manage installed applications and save the computer system from littering.

The interface of the program is intuitively simple and clear, which will not be difficult to master even for inexperienced users.

Main features:

Easy uninstallation of applications and programs.
• Startup Manager
• Clean up unnecessary files in the Start menu and on the desktop
Work with the system registry
• Removes traces of your activities on the Internet (information about the pages you visited, typed addresses, cookies, etc.)
Checking the health and performance of your PC

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Technical Setup Details:

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

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