MOBILedit! Enterprise Final + Rus {Latest} With Crack

MOBILedit! Enterprise Final + Rus {Latest} Wtih Crack

MOBILedit– a unique modular program that allows you to control your mobile phone from a personal computer via Bluetooth, infrared or cable.

 You can easily copy photos from your phone or upload your favorite ringtones, logos, MP3s to it, as well as view your call history and SMS messages. You can dial a number, send SMS (Russian, unfortunately, is not supported), receive phone calls, edit your contact list and play games…

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The program supports a very large number of mobile phone models. The list of functionality is constantly expanding by adding new plug-ins and including drivers to support new phone models.

Feature List MOBILedit! Enterprise:

  • MOBILEEdit! supports the widest range of phones on the market
  • support for various mobile operating systems, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.
  • connection via infrared, Bluetooth or cable
  • the ability to connect many different mobile phones and manage their data at the same time
  • complete phone information: SIM card status (including signal strength, battery status, current network operator, connection type, hardware and software list, IMEI, etc.)
  • the ability to read selective data from the phone on demand
  • file system that allows you to work with multimedia files stored in the phone such as music for a mobile phone, photos, MP3s, themes, and java applications
  • powerful editor for phonebooks saved in phones or SIM cards
  • Manage dialing and answering on connected phones
  • processing incoming calls through MOBILedit!
  • full SMS management
  • Special Wizard helps beginners to get acquainted with the program and set it up
  • archive and automatic backup will protect your data in case you lose or break your phone
  • Multiple backups can be created for one device and any of them can be restored if needed
  • open interface – API and available sources
  • smart-card and SIM readers supported via PC/SC standards
  • direct SIM card operations via smart-card readers – complete SIMedit! functionality
  • MS Outlook support
  • MS Outlook Express support
  • easy transfer of contacts between MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express
  • all paying users can download new drivers, applications and program versions from the Internet
  • synchronization of phone and PC time
  • multilingual support through language packs
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  • automatic updates
  • smart install/uninstall
  • customizable shortcuts in the Framework window for quick navigation in MOBILedit!
  • The design is easily changed with skins. The skinning program is available for free.
  • user-defined sounds for various events
  • user-defined device names: you can assign names to phones, sim cards and readers
  • user-defined images for phones
  • playing chess via SMS
  • You will be able to anonymously register your phone in the database, which will help protect your phone from theft and sale.
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