Archive of documents 2.273 {Latest} With Crack


 Archive of documents 2.273 {Latest} With Crack

Archive of documents – this program allows you to systematize the accounting and storage of documents, provides control over the execution of documents at all stages in terms of deadlines and responsible persons, track the movement of documents, who took what when, returned it.

 For each document, you can record arbitrary additional information, convenient search and advanced analysis, flexible access rights, network and multi-user modes, tracking the history of changes, and many other conveniences.

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The main functions of the program:

Systematization of accounting and storage of documents
The program allows you to automate the registration and accounting of documents according to the following parameters:
• by type (contract, estimate), type (accounting, reporting), category (working, internal),
• by validity period, amount , currency (relevant for contracts, etc.),
• by authors, responsible departments and executors,
• by partner companies (indicating the full coordinates of the companies),
• by topic (description of the content is possible),
• by status (in progress, completed)
• if the document is in electronic form, the path to the file is indicated.

In general, the system is designed to support both paper and electronic document management.

The program allows you to organize the storage of documents. The database indicates:
• the place of storage of documents (number of the cabinet, shelf, folder …),
• the date until which the documents must be stored,
• the history of the issuance of documents in hand (who took what when)

Any additional information can be recorded for each document.
Any database table can be printed, exported to MS Word, MS Excel or CSV text format. There is an import from other data sources in CSV format.

Control of execution of documents by deadlines
The system allows you to effectively manage the processes of movement and processing of documents.
The control of work on documents at all stages has been implemented:
• the dates for the start and end of work with the document by each performer are fixed;
• control of deadlines is carried out: automatic highlighting of unfinished tasks by color is provided.

Control over the execution of documents by responsible executors
For each document, the history of its passage by responsible executors is tracked.
The system stores full contact information for employees – executors, indicating their access rights to information.
The program allows you to monitor the status of ongoing processes and analyze the workload of personnel. The introduction of the system helps to improve the performance discipline in the organization. The time for coordinating documents and making decisions is reduced.

Online access to documents
The system allows you to instantly search for the desired document. There are convenient ways to sort and filter data. It is easy to build a complex logical query to the database and carry out advanced analysis of the stored information. Flexible setting of access rights allows you to differentiate the access rights of employees to documents
Using the program, you can do the following:
• Create, modify, delete records, fields, tables
• Import data into any database table from text files
• Sort tables by any field, including sorting by multiple fields (up to 3) by holding the key Shift
• Filter the table by any field using the following operators: “Contains”, “Does not contain”, “Starts with”, “Does not begin with”, “Ends with”, “Does not end with”, LIKE, NOT LIKE
• Group the same data in any field when the table is sorted by that field (for checked fields in the table properties)
• Mark records as “Favorite”, then they will be displayed in orange. The color is set in the table properties
• Mark entries as “Dead” (“Uninteresting”), then they will be displayed in gray (or other) color
• Customize the rules of color selection. You yourself determine which lines, what color and under what conditions to highlight.
• Build a tree by any fields with an arbitrary number of levels for hierarchical display of data in any table
• Change data in any field (except for ID and calculated fields) directly in the table or in a separate form (selected in the settings), mark multiple records, delete, print, export marked
• Modify or delete multiple records at once in any database table using the Bulk Update form
• Create new stored fields for tables of the following types: text, numeric, yes/no, date and time, picture
• Create calculated fields for tables, for example, you can create a field with the formula “[Field 1] / [Field 2]”
• Create calculated fields whose values ​​will be taken from other tables.
• Create new tables with exactly the same manipulation capabilities as any other table
• Link drop-down lists of fields to other tables to easily select values ​​from them when editing in a table, or to select from other forms when editing in a form
• Specify arbitrary number of subordinate tables for any table, for which you need to set the binding by fields in the table properties

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• Change the order of fields in any table using drag and drop or using the “Settings” form
• Rename table fields and table names according to the specifics of your business. (More specifically, their labels.)
• Print the current view of any table, taking into account field visibility, width, and order
• Export any table’s data to MS Excel or a CSV text file, taking into account the current table view
• Export the current record to MS Word based on template file with bookmarks corresponding to field names
• Work with several database files, create new databases, of course, you can also open them using MS Access.

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