TexAPi Plus 4.3.1 PRO(TELEGRAM MARKETING SOFTWARE​) With Crack-Full Version{Latest}!

TexAPi Plus 4.3.1 PRO(TELEGRAM MARKETING SOFTWARE​) With Crack-Full Version{Latest}!


FREE Software to Send Bulk Invite and Messages for your Telegram Group or Channel
Best Telegram Marketing Software.

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How it works

TEXAPI PLUS is a software (for Windows) designed to do Telegram Marketing using the official Telegram APIs. Below is a list of the main operations that you can do with TexAPI immediately after installation and configuration:

  1. View and export up to 10’000 members of a given group (GROUP SCRAPER)
  2. Configure multiple Telegram accounts and choose from time to time which one to use (MULTI-ACCOUNT)
  3. Send bulk invitations to all users in a group to join your group or channel (BULK INVITE)
  4. Create and send text messages to all your Telegram contacts in just one click (BULK MESSAGE)
  5. Send an image to all your Telegram contacts (BULK IMG)
  6. Send a text message to multiple groups or channels with one click (BULK MSG TO GROUP/CHANNEL)
  7. Import contacts to your Telegram account from Excel file (BULK CONTACT IMPORT)
  8. View and export all your Telegram contacts to PC (BULK CONTACT ESPORT)

To get started download and install the program on your Windows PC in FREE version from the following link



Send bulk invitations or messagesusing multiple Telegram Accounts

Bulk Invite Users

Import Real Members to your Group or your Channel in a few clicks

Export all Members from Group

Export Real Users from the selected group and save all data in Excel.

Bulk Messages

Send messages to all your Telegram Contacts or Groups with 1 click

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Screenshots :

How Is Work :

NOTE: The FREE version of TEXAPI has limitations on the number of messages or invitations that can be sent. This software allows you to communicate with Telegram users who know you and who expect to receive your messages or invitations, and is not a spam tool, so we are not responsible in case of suspension or ban of your Telegram account.

[GUIDE] How does TEXAPI work?

  1. Installation
  2. TEXAPI Configuration
  3. Send messages to all Telegram contacts
  4. Import or Export all Telegram contacts on PC
  5. Extract all members of a Telegram group
  6. Sending Massive Invitations to increase your group members
  7. Send messages to multiple groups/channels at the same time
  8. Anti-ban tips


Download TEXAPI on your Windows PC. You will download a .exe file. Double-click to start the installation and when it is done you will see an icon on your desktop. To open the program right-click on the icon and then select “Run as Administrator

TexAPi Plus 4.3.1 PRO(TELEGRAM MARKETING SOFTWARE​) With Crack-Full Version{Latest}!

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