RadioBOSS Advanced With Crack x64 – RADIO AUTOMATION SOFTWARE !{Latest}

 RadioBOSS Advanced With Crack x64 – RADIO AUTOMATION SOFTWARE !{Latest}

RadioBOSS is a program for automating the broadcasting of radio stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas.

Extensive features of the program allow you to use it wherever you need musical accompaniment. The program can work for months without human intervention.

The built-in format transcoder, CD grabber, music database, playlist generator, schedule, auto volume control, cross fade and many other functions make this program a very useful tool for managing your music collection.

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RadioBOSS includes:

  • A stable player that controls when and which playlists are played.
  • An audio file converter that allows you to use audio files that are on your disc.
  • Music base for searching, cataloging, commenting and managing your audio files.
  • Reliable generator of playlists with professional features, including playlist templates, etc.
  • Advertising planner for easy creation and scheduling of ad units.
  • A report generator for creating detailed reports of reproduced tracks.

The main features of RadioBOSS: 

The player is the main component of the RadioBOSS program. Thanks to the player you can:

  • Run and edit playlists.
  • Plan various tasks. Events can be triggered at a set time or by DTMF tag.
  • For commercial breaks, set the volume up.
  • Automatically level the volume, crossfade and cut off the silence.
  • Use an automatic playlist generator to create a multi-hour broadcast.
  • Easy to create random playlists.
  • Include online streams (HTTP, MMS and FTP) in your playlists.
  • Improve the sound quality of audio files with a 12-band equalizer and sound compressor.
  • Use WinAMP, VST and DirectX (via AdaptX) plugins to enhance sound.
  • Use the capabilities of multi-channel cards (4.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc.).
  • Automatically update data about the playing track (copy files to FTP and / or HTTP request; format text or XML).
  • Stream to server: Shoutcast, Icecast, Windows Media and integrated streaming server.
  • Use playlists with pre-recorded voice tracks.
  • Use individual user profiles.
  • Configure user access control.
  • RadioBOSS supports ASIO and WASAPI with low input and output latency.

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Playlist Generator creates playlists

  • Automatically generates playlists for a given duration.
  • Quickly create playlists using templates.
  • Supports multiple generation options.
  • Creates playlists with rotations.
  • Creates playlists with jingles.
  • Creates playlists with watch jokes and ads.

Music base manages your audio files

  • Supports quick search.
  • Performs batch tag editing.
  • Tracks track statistics.
  • Edits tags for all file types.
  • Adds comments to any audio file.

Advertising Manager

  • Creates and schedules commercial breaks.
  • Automatically creates playlists and generates scheduled breakout events in RadioBOSS.
  • The ability to use intro and outro.
  • Allows you to specify the start and end dates of commercials.

Report generator

  • Print and view reports for given dates.
  • Allows you to select report fields.
  • Filters unnecessary items.
  • Generates reports in any format: XLS, PDF, etc.

Changes in version

  • New
    – Retransmission of network streams using playlist as a reserve
    – Added possibility of advanced program configuration (Settings-General-Advanced settings)
    – Ability to store information about tracks in MySQL database
    – Ability to select columns in the task scheduler list
    – Minor improvements in the list of task scheduler
    – Played tasks are removed from the playlist separately (in earlier versions, deletion occurred only when all the tracks from the schedule were played)
    – Scheduler: you can specify the ability to specify How many minutes at the start of the clock
    – Scheduler: the ability to disable the display of groups
    – Scheduler: the option “Every year” to end
    – Scheduler command for resetting the status of “playing track” in the playlist (resetplayedstate)
    – Changed the random playback mode of operation if there are tracks from the schedule in the playlist
    – DSP for music no longer affects the microphone
    – Active playlist tab can be changed during playback
    – Added command scheduler for switching the active tab playlist (playlist tab_name)
    – Added scheduler command to change the preset equalizer (eqpreset preset_name)
    – playlist files are stored with relative paths g e applicable
    – update the display when you change the playlist title track format
    – Added option to mute the main playlist using wiretaps
    – Hot keys: added support for extended keyboards (multimedia keys, F13-F24, etc.)
    – Ability to customize the style for the music base and Track Tool
    – Font settings for car cards (Settings-View-Style)
    – Ability to customize the font color for buttons car cards
    – Improved autosave profile; removed function “periodically save profile”
    – Changed interface for saving and loading profiles
    – Setting machine accessibility for users
    – Error display on machine card buttons
    – Machine map : you can drag a folder to assign several buttons at once
    – Track format for broadcasting: variables for the current time and date
    – Improved broadcast statistics schedule
    – Broadcast statistics can be added to work areas
    – Ability to change the position of broadcast servers in the list
    – Improved search by playlist
    – Automatic check for updates (Help-Automatically check for updates)
    – Alternative VST plug
    -in settings available for screen reader programs – API: possibility run task with a run start by time (schedule / run)
    – API: edit rating, number of starts, custom fields (readtag / writetag)
    – API: added “cnt” parameter for getplaylist command – limit if return tracks quality
    – API: command added to change the name of the broadcast (setcasttitle)
    – Search: select and change the position of the columns in the list
    – Search: added “comment” column
    – Improved interface of the “Several actions” window when setting up a task
    – Pause and unpause is smoothly
    – Tagging can be turned on during storage. information in APEv2
    – Changed the mode of the option “Do not start the task if the playlist is stopped”: now the task is not inserted into the playlist (you can enable the previous option in the advanced settings)
    – Variable% nextsong (the name of the next track) for HTTP requests and the name format for broadcasting
    – Many other interface improvements.

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  • Advertising Scheduler

– Remote management of advertising: videos, playlists and tasks can be sent to RadioBOSS on another computer

  • Musical database

    – The field “Date added” is now correctly written when the tracks are added to the database
    – Function of clearing the database (additional information and cache)

  • Playlist Generator

    – Color settings for categories (background and text)
    – Minor interface improvements

  • Track Tool

    – Next and previous tracks are loaded without restarting Track Tool
    – Ability to change the size of the tag editor
    – Improved scaling
    – End label is taken into account when listening to the pre
    – track – Ability to listen to voysoverov

  • Other changes and fixes

    – Faster playback start-up
    – Minor changes in the playback queue editing window
    Fixed: playrequestedsong command did not work in the playlist
    Track Tool: “Set” button works more accurately
    – Fixed bug in hanging statistics window
    – Fixed: playback level set in the Track Tool was not taken into account in the tasks “Over the Air”
    – Auto intro, finishing: track parameters are taken into account
    – Ability to edit the mix point for the playing track in the Track Tool
    – Fixed removing pauses from the pause button Play
    – The text “Nowplaying when stopped” is also sent to the broadcast server
    – Remember the state of the option “Show groups” in the scheduler
    – Fixed errors when using some of the API commands
    – When copying the track also copied additional. information
    – The track schedule in the “on air” window sometimes did not coincide with the sound
    – The substrate for the file type did not work when playing “Top of the Air”
    – HTTPS podcasts sometimes did not work
    – Broadcast statistics can be obtained via HTTPS protocol
    – Pause fixed pause #N “in tasks with several actions
    – Playlist generator: long playlists (more than about 20 days) were sometimes created incorrectly
    – Advertising planner: sometimes media plan was created incorrectly
    – Advertising planner:
    – Advertising Scheduler: fixed error when switching on styles
    – Recalculation of mixing point when changing playlists
    – Fixed encoding in email notifications
    – Playlist information was not updated when calling the Track Tool from the report
    – Crossfades settings were not loaded for openable playlists
    – Lost the track is not removed
    – Fixed font in some windows
    – Fixed error with sorting playlist on some columns
    – Current weather data is not deleted when the next updates of the weather was not successful
    – Sort by finding sometimes reset after restarting the program
    – Statistics window was closed when opening the settings window
    – When installing the update can sometimes appear a window with the error “Unable to the activate for LEO previous instance”
    – the Track a List is sometimes an attempt to start a remote track
    – Options expectations scheduler sometimes worked incorrectly
    – sometimes incorrectly formed name for the broadcasting
    – Fixed a crash program and music database
    – Fixed being able to hang when using HTTP requests and API

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 

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