Photometric Power Tools(Batch Factor and edit IES files) V1.8_0 With Crack{Latest}!

Photometric Power Tools(Batch Factor and edit IES files) V1.8_0 With Crack{Latest}!

Photometric Power Tools was born through communication with several of our manufacturing customers bogged down by changes in their IES files as a result of evolution in component technology.

LED’s and electronic components are changing rapidly requiring changes to published performance data. Many manufacturers have written custom spreadsheets to try and handle the myriad of changes required.

Some have their own software, but focus groups show that they are still not handling all the tasks required quickly and efficiently.

Photometric Power Tools handles the necessary modifications easily, quickly and eloquently freeing time and saving money for your manufacturing business.

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Two Dialog Interface:

The Photometric Power Tools interface consists of two independent dialogs with different, but interdependent functionality.

They can be separated on a large monitor or split between two monitors. This allows the dialog sizing to be maximized to display the most data while you work.

Keywords, Data and Calculated Metrics:

The Keywords, Data and Calculated Metrics tab is typically used to examine the loaded files for commonly calculated metrics such as BUG Rating, LER, and roadway classifications such as Type II, Short.

You can sort by columns to reveal those files with the lowest BUG Rating or highest LER for example.

This information can be exported to an internal spreadsheet format which can be printed or saved for use on other software such as Microsoft Excel.

This tab also provides some functionality to batch modify files in terms of keywords and data. You can convert all files from Absolute to Relative notation for example.

Some of these capabilities are redundant for functionality on other tabs for convenience purposes. 

The File Viewer/Editor Dialog:

The File Viewer/Editor opens as the top dialog when you start Photometric Power Tools. This is your avenue to open/load photometric files for modification.

You can load as many photometric files as your computer’s resources will allow, this may be in the thousands.

Opening this many files is typically not practical from a workflow standpoint, but we’ll leave that for you to decide!

File Functions – Factor Files:

The Factor Files tab can be used to complete a number of functions, often in the same session with the software.

  • Optionally clone files (make file copies to modify)
  • Factor (scale) lumen output*
    • Apply factor to multiplier in file, or…
    • Apply factor directly to candela
    • Optionally round candela
  • Paste factors from Excel (see “Pasting Factors” below)
  • Factor (scale) watts*
  • Edit keywords*
  • Edit filenames or use Smart Filenames
  • Convert Test type (absolute or relative)*
  • Convert Photometric type (C or B)*
  • Enter new lumen output manually*
  • Enter new watts manually*

Factor Files Example:

  1. Enter lumen factor for clone 1
  2. Apply to all first level clones (clone 1 for each file loaded)
  3. Make any other changes: filename, [ISSUEDATE], [LUMCAT]
  4. Apply Changes and Refresh

Save Modified Files (overwrite existing files):

This command will overwrite any files you have changed during your session in existing folders and sub-folders per the following rules:

  • All files are saved to IES LM-63-2002 format
  • If LDT files have been loaded, they are saved as IES (easy convert to IES function, load and save)
  • If files have been renamed, the file using the original filename is deleted
  • Modified clones are written to the same folder as the originals. Any clones that have not been renamed will retain the clone suffix per the program settings
  • Clones that have not been modified are destroyed (not saved)
  • Files are reformatted per IES LM-63-2002 best practice
  • All files are reloaded with changes applied including modified clones (which are no longer treated as clones)

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Save Modified Files to New Folder:

This command will save only the files that have been modified to a new folder of your choice (browse to that location) per the following rules:

  • If the changed files were originally opened using the Select Files and Load/Append command, all modified files will be saved in the new folder (no subfolders)
  • If files changed files were originally opened using the Select Folder and Load/Append command, all modified files will be saved in subfolders using their original folder names under the new root folder (the selected folder). Sub folders are automatically created as necessary
  • In both cases, if a file with the same name already exists in the new location, it will be overwritten

All additional rules per the Save Modified Files command (above) are observed aside from the file locations.

Save All Files to New Folder:

This command will save ALL files, both modified and unchanged to a duplicate folder structure beginning with the folder of your selection.

And there’s more:

  • Convert between absolute and relative data
  • Convert C to B or B to C
  • Convert luminous dimensions from Imperial to metric and opposite
  • Calculate and tabulate metrics like BUG, LER, UWLR, IES class, Beam spread and more

Then you can REST! We have you covered!

Try it today. The Trial version won’t let you save your changes but you will see the power of the software as soon as you get started.

Would you like to learn more? Read the full documentation online!

Photometric Power Tools(Batch Factor and edit IES files) V1.8_0 With Crack{Latest}!

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