Jyotishya Deepika Pro(Manages, generates and analyzes astrological data) 2022 Rel 2.0 With Patch{Latest}!

Jyotishya Deepika Pro(Manages, generates and analyzes astrological data) 2022 Rel 2.0 With Patch{Latest}!

Jyotishya Deepika is a program that gives the astrologers a set of tools for creating astrological charts. This program has been made to comply with the Krishnamurtipaddhati (KP) standard.

The evaluation version of this program works for free for 16 days or 25 uses (whichever happens first). Using the evaluation version, you can create any type of charts, but the program will not save them, or create reports. Compatibility matching is also unavailable.

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Features in JD Pro 2022 Rel 2.0:

  • Complete revamp and enhancement of Marriage Matching according to KP dasha vidha porutham.
  • Kuja (Mangala) Dosha (or Mangalik) Analysis – a feature that is a must have for matching charts for marriage; you can even produce a great looking report.
  • Comprehensive report generation – enhanced to allow you customize what your report should contain and also add your custom picture and opening and closing tag lines to a report.
  • Ephemeris Generator – complete new utility – allows you to create daily planetary positions for a given time – for up to 30 days.
  • Planet Transit Finder Utility – complete new utility – you can find when a given planet transits in the sign-star-sub of any other planet or a specific zodiac point (sensitive zodiac point).
  • Visual Themes for user interface – attractive light and dark modes have been introduced and you can configure the look and feel of the software exactly the way you want it to be.
  • Effective Significators and Fruitful Significators – are completely reworked – to be more accurate and more insightful.
  • Life Event analysis is enhanced to increase the accuracy – you can analyze any life event using a birth chart and relate it to the positions and transits of various planets including the dasha lords, luminaries and nodes.
  • The display of 4-step theory data is made more easy to read and intuitive.
  • Western aspects – the aspects are easier to read and assimilate as they are provided with a white background which helps you visually differentiate the beneficial aspects from the malefic.
  • The Kundali charts are enhanced and provided on a white background to help you visualize the planet and cusp details along with transit planets interposed in the same chart.

Basic Features:

  • Chart types: KP Birth Chart, KP Prashna Chart, Time Chart and Lagna Rotated Charts.
  • Horary Schemes: 1 to 249 (classic) and 1 to 2193 (new age).
  • Support for multiple ayanamshas, including KP Classic and KP New (1993) and user defined ayanamshas.
  • Planetary and Cuspal details, providing the most comprehensive information in one place.
  • Classic 4-fold significators (A, B, C and D) with additional significators.
  • Ra and Ke positional analysis and planet representations – the most accurately implemented rules from classical KP teaching.
  • Sign, Star, Sub and Sub-Sub level details for all 9 planets and 12 house cusps.
  • Vedic and western aspects.
  • South and North Indian Kundali formats supported with easy one click switch within each chart.
  • Comprehensive Report containing the most essential features – with a single mouse click.

Advanced Features:

  • Effective significators for any house cusp.
  • Fruitful significators – one of the most comprehensive and accurately implemented algorithms to determine fruitful significators for selected house clusters – example: 2, 7 and 11 for marriage.
  • Every piece of information shown on the software screen is backed by a complete explanation of the “rules” used to derive the information.
  • Advanced Event Analysis to analyse life events for a native.
  • 4-step theory of Dr. Gondhalekar ji.
  • Transit planets superimposed on a background of natal cusps and natal planets. Jyotishya Deepika Pro is the only KP astrology software to incorporate this view.
  • KP Progressed chart as per Shri. KSK’s original teaching.
  • Ruling planets – detailed analysis – again one of the most advanced and accurate algorithms implemented.

Powerful Tools and Utilities

Lagna Browser Utility:

Browse accurate lagna changes for any day and also find the times of specific points rising as lagna during the course of a day.

Planet Retrogression Utility:

​Accurate dates for start of retrogression and resumption of direct course, along with crossing the original point of retrogression.

Panchangam Utility:

Another feather in the crown; Panchangam Utility not only gives you accurate starting and ending times for the 5 Panchangam elements, but also specific times for starting and ending of timelines such as Raahu Kaalam, Gulika Kaalam and Yamaganda Kaalam.

Real Time Chart:

That you can change with a single click – get real time update for any date time and place.

Sensitive Point Finder:

Find sensitive zodiac points from the sign level to upto the sub-sub lord level.

KP Marriage Matching (KPDP):

This is a 5-Star feature; KPDP was originally invented by Late Shri. Kuppu Ganapati Ji, a direct disciple of Guru Shri. KSK. The algorithm used in JD Pro, has had the fortune of being reviewed and certified accurate by the legend himself.

Time Conversion Utilities:

Convert Local Standard Time (Time-zone based) to UTC and Local Mean Time and vice versa using the Time Convertor Utility and time expressed in Ghatis, Vighatis and Palas into Local Standard Time (Time-zone based), using the Ghati Time Convertor Utility.

Planet Transit Utility (New in JD Pro 2021):

         A powerful tool to determine when any given planet transits a particular sensitive degree in the zodiac based on sign lord, star lord and sub lord.

Kuja (Mangala) Dosha Analysis (New in JD Pro 2021):

           A powerful tool to determine if Kuja (Mangala) dosha is present in the charts of prospective bride and groom – including preparing a beautiful and comprehensive              report.

Planet Ephemeris Generator (New in JD Pro 2021):

A powerful tool to find daily planetary positions for a given time – Accurate planetary positions can be determined for a given time.

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System Requirements:

  • JD Pro 2022 is WINDOWS ONLY software.
  • Works best with Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Jyotishya Deepika Pro(Manages, generates and analyzes astrological data) 2022 Rel 2.0 With Patch{Latest}!

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