(JB Playout Pro +) Just Broadcaster Playout Professional Plus (Dual OUt) Patched Latest With CracK

(JB Playout Pro +) Just Broadcaster Playout Professional Plus (Dual OUt) Patched Latest With CracK

Why choose JB Playout Professional Plus​

JB Playout Pro + Premium Stability​

JB Playout Professional is designed for stability, optimum CPU utilization, and power. It will run many emergency options in the background to keep you on track with your work.You Can Also Download (JB Playout) Just Broadcaster Playout Professional Patched Latest With CracK

JB Playout Pro + Various Playback formats​

Real-time aspect ratio mechanism will enable you to play many different formats (MXF, MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, LXF, GXF, PRORES, DNXHD, MTS, M2TS) with different resolutions and frame rates in a single playlist

JB Playout Pro + Auto-playlist​

Easy playlist creation and manipulation. Quick insert items (Files, Lives, URLs, many different commands, Placeholders…), reorder items on the fly, use Fixed events, randomize playlist or just part of playlist…

JB Playout Pro + Advanced Playlist Automation​

The built-in Scheduling application will allow you to create Playlists days or weeks in advance. Set the scheduling date and the list will be pushed on air when the date hits the mark. You can also push same list for multiple days.

JB Playout Pro + 2 Outputs​

You can have 2 different outputs with different video and audio format. Very useful if your TV wants to transmit signal in both HD and SD format.

JB Playout Pro + Automatic Playlist Items​

Let playout do all work for you. Use automatic Fileslots, Timeslots or Blockslots to create playlists without real files, and playout will pick files for you by rules you created.

JB Playout Pro + Matrix Control​

Control any type of matrix device, using LAN or RS 232. Playout is set by default to work with different kind of Blackmagic matrix devices

JB Playout Pro + Commercial and CG Scheduler​

You can improve your relation with customers using Commercial and CG Scheduler. Create schedule for each day at exact time when you want to display commercials or some cg.

JB Playout Pro + Multiple I/O Options​

HDMI/SDI Black Magic or Aja cards output and input. DVB UDP, RTPM(S), SRT, RTP streaming output and input. Direct Show and HDMI output. Youtube links as input, Newtek NDI IP as input and output.

JB Playout Pro + Resolutions and Framerates​

You will be able to choose from a vast amount of resolutions and frame rates, such as NTSC, PAL, 1080 50i, 1080 5994i, 1080 50p…

JB Playout Pro + MAM with Auto Registration​

Handle your files, lives, urls, blocks, cg with style, register them to database, set properties, in/out spots, breaks, cuts, scale, interlace, transitions, data promotion… and use them forever.

JB Playout Pro + Character Generator​

Creating rich channel graphics with our integrated CG Editor, is as easy as it can get. Use PNG sequences, SWF files, pictures, Crawls, Rolls, Time, Slide show and Linked text.

JB Playout Pro + CG Channel Branding with PIP​

Help your audience! Turn your schedule to graphics with Watching Now, Watching Next and Later. Also PA, 2 common Graphics layers, Program Title and live Weather CG. Special feature is Picture in Picture option.

JB Playout Pro + Automation Helper​

Something goes wrong? Don’t worry. In this case, playout starts emergency measure sequences, such as gap fillers, missing file fillers, waiting for files to show up in the network)

JB Playout Pro + Auto-EPG​

Easily create Electronic Programming Guide from your schedule lists and upload it directly to FTP server. EPG is by world standards, but also easy to customize.

JB Playout Pro + Control from any device​

With our web remote control application, you can control playout from just about anywhere in the world.


JB Playout Pro + 2 Independent Outputs​

You can use playout to transmit both HD and SD output, or you can have one output streaming to Youtube, You can create any combination of outputs with different video and audio format (for example Blackmagic 1080i and Youtube stream 720p)

JB Playout Pro + Picture In Picture​

Create beautiful Picture in Picture effects in your channel. Put any cg you want in the back, including text, images or even another video file. Control animation flow, duration and location of main video.



JB Playout Pro + Commercials and CG Scheduler​

It’s easy to create multiple commercials or cg schedule at different timings on each day. You can change commercials each day, and each time block is loaded, it will insert fresh commercials.

JB Playout Pro + SRT Streaming​

SRT is an open source video transport protocol and technology stack that optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over the worst networks.

(JB Playout Pro +) Just Broadcaster Playout Professional Plus (Dual OUt) Patched Latest With CracK

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