JpegMedic ARWE (Accurate Manual JPEG Recovery) V2.22 With Loader{Latest}!

JpegMedic ARWE (Accurate Manual JPEG Recovery) V2.22 With Loader{Latest}!

JpegMedic ARWE is a tool for 100% automatic batch recovery of JPG files partially encrypted by ransomware. The utility is a small brother of JpegMedic, a professional tool to recover damaged JPG files.

JpegMedic recover JPG images encrypted by ransomware too, but it offers more control and more recovery features compared with JpegMedic ARWE.

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What damages JpegMedic can repair?

A JPEG file consists of two parts. The first part is metadata that contains service tables and information needed to decode the image.

The second part contains the graphical data itself. Even though any part of a JPEG image could be damaged, you can easily detect which one of two is damaged visually.

When the graphical part is damaged, you can instantly see it. In this case, JPEG viewers correctly display the beginning of the image, but starting from some point the image doesn’t look good.

You can see it has wrong colors or unaligned parts, or a large portion of the image may not show at all due to decoding error.

What else JpegMedic can?

JpegMedic knows everything about the structure of graphical data in a JPEG image, and it also knows very well how metadata are written to the file by modern cameras. Importantly, metadata contain thumbnails of images.

Historically, such thumbnails had rather low resolution and were stored in JFIF and EXIF segments, but contemporary digital cameras can store quite large thumbnails like 1440×960 pixels, and often do this in their own format, different to each manufacturer.

JpegMedic knows about 20 different ways cameras use to save thumbnails in metadata and can extract them automatically. So, even if the main image is damaged, a survived thumbnail of a decent resolution can save the day.


JpegMedic is a professional semi-automatic software tool to repair damaged images in the JPEG format. The program can deal with a number of typical damages of JPEG files such as:

  • Shifted or damaged parts
  • Wrong colors
  • Half-grey images
  • Non-opening JPEG files
  • Broken JPEG images due to the damaged header

With JpegMedic, you can successfully recover images you thought are lost forever. Bring back your best memories, family photos, vacation trips and other important JPEG images!

Repairing JPEG file encoded by ransomware:

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts some of your crucial files and then ransoms for money to decrypt them. With JpegMedic, you can partially recover encrypted JPEG files.

The way ransomware encrypts files depends on the type of ransomware. Some types only encrypt the beginning of the file, while others can encrypt the beginning, the end, and the middle of the file.

Others can even encrypt the entire file. However, the majority of ransomware encrypts files only partially to speed up the infestation of the system. This opens a possibility to recover the non-encrypted part.

The recovery strategy significantly depends on what type of ransomware has encrypted your files. But regardless of the strategy you will need just one good image made with the same camera and preferably with the same settings as the encrypted one.

Recovery of a JPEG file with the encrypted beginning:

Hint! For some simpler cases when ransomware only encrypts the beginning of the file you can try to use JpegMedic ARWE. JpegMedic ARWE can recover such files in the batch mode, semi-automatically.

To recover the image, follow these steps:

  1. Open the encrypted file in JpegMedic
  2. Add the good JPEG file as a metadata sample
  3. In the Cluster list, select the cluster you would like to start the work from (you can start with the first one)
  4. Run the Image > Create new from current cluster menu command. The following window will be shown:

    Create New

  5. Click OK, to display the Repair window.
  6. In the Repair window, manually find the beginning of the first correct MCU. The easiest way to do this is to click the Reload from next cluster (>>>>) button that attempts to read data starting from the next cluster.

Hint: Each particular ransomware encrypts some fixed number of bytes, so after you have repaired the first encrypted JPEG file, remember the offset where you have found the first correct MCU.

And when you will recover other JPEG files, you can simply jump directly to that offset and save a lot of time. The majority of ransomware encrypts first 153605 bytes of a file.

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Inserting empty MCUs:

After damaged MCUs are removed, the remaining blocks are shifted and the resulting image looks displaced. To fix this, insert empty MCUs.

To insert empty MCUs, select an MCU, the use the Edit MCU > Insert empty MCU menu command. An empty MCU is inserted before the selected MCU.

Repair procedure:

Repairing should be done starting from the topmost and leftmost blocks, top to down and left to right, because changing early blocks impacts all the following blocks too.

Overall, the repairing procedure consists of these steps:

System requirements:

  • Windows 64 bit
  • 2 GB RAM

How to install this software

Version info:

  • File size:9.2 MB
  • Uploader: ArmaanPC
  • File type: RAR

JpegMedic ARWE (Accurate Manual JPEG Recovery) V2.22 With Loader{Latest}!

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