DoNotSpy11 {Latest}

DoNotSpy11 {Latest}

DoNotSpy10 is the second program on our website (at the time of this writing) that will allow you to turn off all spyware modules in the Windows 10 operating system, and we already know that there are a large number of them, literally everyone is watching you and sending data where necessary.

Some of us just do not worry about it, for example, like me, because in general I don’t have anything valuable in the system, even personal photos, while others worry very much and then users begin to think diligently about how to protect them. itself, its privacy, it is easier not to use Windows 10, but it’s interesting to see, and in this I understand them perfectly and do not blame them.

After installing the program (note that I recommend removing the checkboxes from all additional items, otherwise you will receive any buns into the system that will not be useful to you, just the author decided to earn a little) and launch it, you will have a window, on the left you need to select the item we want to turn it off, on the right you can read a small description, just below there are buttons, clicking on them you can choose everything at once and uncheck all the checkboxes. I think each of you will be able to perfectly understand, there is no Russian support, but there is a German one, who could be useful.

Developer : pxc-coding
License : FreeWare
Language : English
Size : 2.1 MB
OS : Windows 10

You can download DoNotSpy11 from the link below…

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