Bitsum ParkControl Pro {Latest} With Crack

 Bitsum ParkControl Pro {Latest} With Crack

ParkControl was developed by Bitsum and is designed to manage core parking settings. These settings are hidden in the Windows operating system, but have a serious impact on performance, especially during processor pulse loads (the most common type of load).

 After the developers of the tool discovered these dependencies, Intel made decisions to move core parking control from the operating system to the hardware, confirming Bitsum’s findings.

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Bitsum Highest Performance. A power plan that automatically optimizes hardware components for maximum performance that outperforms the standard Windows “High Performance” power plan.

Bitsum Dynamic Boost.Automatic switching of power plans when the computer goes into active and inactive modes. Stay in Bitsum Highest Performance mode while actively using your PC.

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Bitsum Dynamic Boost is designed to dynamically change the power plan when the computer is active and to reduce resource consumption during system downtime (feature available only in version 1.1).

Empirical evidence shows that disabling processor parking can result in a significant difference in system performance. The effectiveness of this measure for a given system is influenced by a large number of factors, such as processor type, application loading, and user behavior.

However, Windows does very aggressive core parking, which results in excessive latency because cores are “unparked” during burst loads.

In Bitsum’s tests, the largest gain from disabling parking was achieved with AMD processors. This is due to the difference in how AMD processors allocate computing resources between logical cores. Microsoft has optimized the OS for Intel’s HyperThreading technology, which relies less on secondary cores. Secondary AMD logical cores are practically full-fledged processors.

ParkControl settings are completely safe for any computer that works properly. The only possible behavioral change scenario is related to potential computer overheating issues. In this case, these problems will occur regardless of the settings used, simply due to the serious load on the processor.

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