Balabolka – Text To Speech + Portable {latest}

Balabolka - Text To Speech + Portable

Balabolka {Latest} With Crack

Balabolka is one of the best programs to read text files with different formats. Read aloud for you almost any text file. Voice reproduction can be controlled using standard buttons similar to those found in any multimedia program: Play / Pause / Stop.

Balabolka can also store content read by the speech synthesizer as an audio file. (Support for WAV, MP3, MP4, OGG and WMA formats) and LRC or ID3 cards inside the audio files.

MP3 player (when playing an audio file in a media player on a computer or a modern music player, the text is displayed synchronously as well as the lyrics in the music file).

Any speech synthesizer installed on the computer can be used to read aloud. The program can work with different versions of the Speech API Speech (SAPI) package, which allows you to change the melody speed

Manage read process from system tray (notification area) or with keyboard shortcuts, typed text on keyboard, spell checker, Split text files into smaller files, search for homographs.

“Balabolka” provides the ability to remove from the text all the hyphen at the end of the lines; This will avoid tripping while reading the word.

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Key features:
• Play, Pause, and Stop buttons are similar to buttons for music players.
• Automatically remove hyphens from.
• Create an audio file in WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA formats.
• Read text from the clipboard, as well as files in DOC, RTF, PDF, ODT, FB2 and HTML formats.
• Allows you to change the speed and voice.
• Font level settings
• Control of reading from the system tray or keyboard shortcuts
• Support for different versions of the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) speech package.
• Spell checker
• Multilingual interface
• Add speed reading with new technology.

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What you can do with this program:
• Sit back and relax (with Trung Nguyen ice coffee) while the program reads the text to you.
• Save text to MP3, for later listening on portable audio devices
• Listen to an article about something while you’re in the sports hall, shop, and other places.
• Help read texts. For those who can not read because of a disability or for temporary reasons
• Reduce eye strain when reading too much
• Listen to text while you are doing something else
• Listen to ebooks.
• Learning foreign languages ​​(grammatical or vocabulary rather than phonetics)
• Visually impaired program
• Preparation for the exam
• Listening to text in other languages

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