Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26.00.11 + Portable

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26.00.11 + Portable


Windows is good, but there is always room for improvement. This is where Ashampoo WinOptimizer 25 comes in!

Because operating systems get slower, less stable, and more cluttered over time. And important settings either disappear or are hidden somewhere in the depths of the system.

And then there’s the constant invasion of privacy introduced in Windows 10 and 11, euphemistically called “telemetry.” WinOptimizer 25 will put an end to this.

Fast, easy and efficient! It will get your PC back in shape and running like new. Let WinOptimizer clean, optimize and protect your machine. Enjoy a fast, clean and secure system without invading privacy!

• Thorough in-depth cleaning of critical areas of the system
• Find and remove old Windows versions, updates and system caches
• Simplified and clearer interfaces of cleaner modules
• Significantly faster and even more efficient cleaner modules
• Super fast one-click optimization based on new cleaner modules
• Up to 75% faster cleaning engines
• Easy management of “safe” cookies
• Updated start page with CPU usage and up-to-date hardware information
• Access to Windows license key
• Zoom and window snap via Windows Aero Snap
• All features fully compatible with Windows eleven
• Lots of new tweaks to Taskbar, File Explorer and more for Windows 11
• Improved visibility and easier control in Context Menu Manager and Link Checker
• New design in UnInstaller and Process Manager
• New confirmation window and uninstall method selection in File Wiper
• System Information Module supports modern multi-core processors

Brand new cleaning modules. Strengthened and more efficient
Cleaning modules in

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26.00.11 + Portable

are 50% faster and even more efficient than the previous version thanks to significant technical improvements.

There has never been such a significant difference between two versions of WinOptimizer! Whether it’s disk cleanup or Internet trace removal, the results are almost instantaneous and the detection rate is off the charts.

Older systems will especially benefit from improved performance, smoother animations, reduced memory consumption, and new context menus. Naturally, all modules have been carefully configured to work with the current version of the operating system, installation tools and browsers.

A new level of purity
Scrap hunting is taken to the next level with the new Advanced Deep Cleaning. Various problems, including privacy, are now easily fixed! Get rid of old Windows versions, update backups and Windows usage statistics.

Fix graphics issues in your games by clearing the DirectX shader cache. Speed ​​up Windows Explorer by deleting the thumbnail cache.

You will also free up a lot of space on your hard drive. Take advantage of eight powerful new features and give your Windows PC a powerful performance boost!

Less is more!
We have redesigned the cleaning modules interface to provide you with even more important information.

Collapsible categories contain additional information that is available as needed. And context menus provide additional options.

And there is a search that covers all categories. Moreover, running tasks can be interrupted at any time.


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26.00.11 + Portable

is the first version to fully rely on the ability of multi-core processors to run cleaning engines (such as Registry Cleaner) for even greater speed.

You will immediately notice the difference!

Universal cookie manager
For all their usefulness and added convenience, cookies have recently become somewhat of a privacy nightmare.

Our new cookie manager will help you securely manage your cookies across all your browsers! Separate the wheat from the chaff and save sessions while deleting cookies that harm your privacy.

Wildcards are fully supported and allow you to add entire domains as safe, but you can also add individual addresses.

Your settings apply to all your browsers and can be exported and imported for transfer between devices.

Also perfect for Windows 11
Windows 11 was released after the previous WinOptimizer, so it’s time for the program to fully embrace the changes and new features! The buttons, icons and windows of WinOptimizer 26 fit perfectly into the design of Windows 11.

Hundreds of tweaks have been extensively tested and implemented to give you maximum control over the look and feel of the latest version of Windows. You can disable widgets, customize the new Taskbar, reconfigure File Explorer, and more.

Personalize your Windows 11 the way you want. Or your Windows 10 or 7!

Elegant welcome
The most common request from users – bring back the CPU speedometer! Well, we returned. And at the same time, its design was updated to fit into the new elegant style.

Get ready for the most perfect and most modern look of WinOptimizer! The animations are still in place, but they are so light that they do not detract from the content. Contrast has been improved to reduce eye strain, and the interface supports Windows Aero Snap spatial anchors so you can easily dock and scale a window.

The result is a twenty-first century control center for your PC that’s packed full of features and information!

Additional modules are also improved
In addition to cleaning and optimization modules, WinOptimizer provides other modules that other companies sell as separate applications.

This is the Process Manager, which provides an improved overview of running processes in the system, and UnInstall Manager with a detailed list of installed programs. We haven’t forgotten about these less vibrant gems as technology and design evolve.

These modules have all been sped up and visually improved, as well as getting additional features. Icon Saver and Restore Manager are now in a fresh new design, and File Wiper is now even easier to manage.

As a result, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2brings together thirty advanced tools that cover the entire spectrum of cleaning, tuning and optimization tasks!

More privacy for Windows 11, 10 and 7 systems: Privacy Manager
Everything you need for your privacy in one place – meet our new Privacy Manager. It combines the power of the popular AntiSpy and Windows 10 modules and enhances it with new features such as the ability to turn off telemetry.

Is it normal for Windows to share your passwords? Does Cortana really need to analyze your handwriting? Now it’s up to you! 13 broad categories offer complete, comprehensive protection against prying Windows applications and components.

Privacy Manager is one of the many powerful modules in WinOptimizer, but it has a bigger advantage – tweak 73 critical system settings and take back control of your privacy!

For a perfect system start: Download Center
What happens in your PC when you press the power button? What programs and tasks are loading, and is there a way to speed them up?

The download manager will give you the answers. Find out what exactly affects the download time and you can reduce delays. Examine running processes and startup items and disable unnecessary programs, including system ones!

A handy list of all Windows tasks, as well as bad entries left after deletion. Get rid of unnecessary things and speed up your PC’s boot time!

Full speed ahead: system optimization
You will immediately feel the incredible optimization power of Ashampoo® WinOptimizer! Take care of eight major Windows problem areas with just one click and get your system up and running!

Get rid of junk such as web traces, fix registry entries, remove broken links and disable unnecessary services – WinOptimizer’s comprehensive system analysis will make your machine faster, cleaner and safer. Optimize your security, system and autorun settings and empty your recycle bin with just one click! Free up system resources and enjoy faster startup times and smoother Windows experience with more free memory.

Need a hint?
The new version of WinOptimizer adds tooltips to various areas of the program to dispel misconceptions and set you on the path to the ideal system. Just hover your mouse over a feature and wait two seconds for help or more information.

And don’t forget to expand the window to full screen to see even more details and information panels on the main page! Do you prefer to define modules according to achievable tasks? Use the switcher and navigate from module names to task categories in the All Modules section.

The Swiss Army Knife for your PC
Ashampoo WinOptimizer goes far beyond a cleaning and tweaking tool with over 30 powerful modules. From security recovery to privacy protection and smart system analysis, WinOptimizer is the complete package for you.

Need to recover accidentally deleted files, securely delete sensitive data, or stop the chatter of Windows 10 telemetry features? All this in one package! All modules are improved and updated every year for the best compatibility and performance with current and future Windows updates.

No other system optimization software even comes close to this huge range of features, usefulness and ease of management!

Brief or Detailed: System Analysis
Ashampoo WinOptimizer offers a detailed overview of what’s happening on your system, including your drives. As soon as the state of the system deteriorates, you will be instantly notified to prevent a possible disaster.

Find bottlenecks and areas for improvement with unprecedented ease. For a quick overview, check the Info page. For more extensive information such as installed hardware, drivers, and codecs, go to System Information.

Live view with tiles
Dashboards provide a detailed picture of your system’s health, condensed into constantly updated key metrics. “Cleaning”, “Optimization” and “Info” always contain the latest information about these vital tasks (including full access to functions)!

Enjoy neatly laid out valuable information. What’s with the registry? Are there any extra running services? Is everything okay with privacy? Find out the answers to these and many other questions at a glance! And then only better:

expand the program window to full screen for even more information with interesting and important details!

Find and remove unwanted browser extensions
Browsers are not only a window to the Internet, but also targets for malicious extensions that cause slowdowns or spy on you.

You may be familiar with toolbars, but chances are you are much less familiar with the many extensions that can live in your browser that do no good or even reduce performance and threaten your privacy.

Many even manage to remain invisible to the extension lists of the browsers themselves! The Browser Extension Manager will put an end to this. In it you can find a list of all extensions in all your browsers and, if necessary,

you can choose which ones to remove! With just one click you will need to get rid of malicious extensions and make your Internet experience much safer!

Save time and effort automatically
As many as three automatic functions will take the hard work off your shoulders! Automatic cleaning will not only rid your system of junk, but will also reduce clutter before it takes hold in the system.

As soon as you close your browser or other application, this fully automatic broom will wipe everything unnecessary from your disks, including temporary files. Live Tuner provides smart launch acceleration for applications and allows you to set priorities for each of them.

For example, “high” for maximum performance. Game Booster does exactly what its name says – it closes all unnecessary non-game related background processes while your game is running to give you the best boost possible. And as soon as you have finished playing and returned to work, it restarts these processes.

Customize your maintenance schedule and let the software do the magic!
For more than a decade, our customers have been in love with WinOptimizer’s one-click optimization and system optimization modules. WinOptimizer easily finds and removes Internet traces, hidden junk and registry entries, and optimizes system settings.

But honestly, who among us doesn’t forget to run modules regularly? That’s why we’ve added a handy task scheduler so WinOptimizer will automatically run them at regular intervals. Keep your PC in top shape. Is always!

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26.00.11 + Portable:

Assembly features:
Type: installation / portable (from Dodakaedr)
Languages: Russian / English
Treatment: done
Cut out : other localizations, *.htm, *.txt, setupdownloader.exe.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 26.00.11 + Portable:

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