Amibroker (Discover Validate Trade) V6.35.1Professional Edition With Crack{Latest}!

Amibroker (Discover Validate Trade) V6.35.1Professional Edition With Crack{Latest}!

Amibroker is a full-featured technical analysis & trading system development platform, with an advanced real-time charting, portfolio back-testing/optimization and scanning capabilities.

Amibroker’s robust system development environment allows to find market inefficiences, code the system and validate it using powerful statistical methods including walk-forward test and monte carlo simulation.

Amibroker allows you to trade directly from charts or programmatically, using auto-trading interface (works with interactive brokers). It gives everything you need to trade successfully.

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Upgrade your trading to the next level

Powerful, easy-to-use and beautiful charts:

Drag-and-drop averages, bands and indicators on other indicators, modify parameters in real-time using sliders and customize using many different styles & gradients to make them beautiful.

The world’s fastest portfolio backtesting and optimization:

Amazing speed comes together with sophisticated features like: advanced position sizing, scoring and ranking, rotational trading, custom metrics, custom backtesters, multiple-currency support.

Automation and batch processing:

Don’t spend your time and energy on repeated tasks. Let AmiBroker automate your routine using newly integrated Batch processor. No more boring repeated clicks. You can run it from Windows scheduler so AmiBroker can work while you sleep.

All the information at your fingertips

Flexible user interface can be arranged and customized in any way you like. Multiple monitor setups are fully supported. Windows can be docked or floated.

Powerful tools for the system trader

The Analysis window:

The Analysis window is home to all your scans, explorations, portfolio backtests, optimizations, walk-forward tests and Monte Carlo simulation

Screen markets for opportunities:

Exploration is multi-purpose screening/data mining tool that produces fully programmable tabular output with unlimited number of rows and columns from all symbols data

Test your system:

The Backtest allows to test your system performance on historical data. The simulation is performed on portfolio-level as in real-life, with multiple securities traded at the same time, each having user-definable position sizing rule.

Scoring & ranking:

If multiple entry signals occur on the same bar and you run out of buying power, AmiBroker performs bar-by-bar ranking based on user-definable position score to find preferable trade.

Find optimum parameter values:

Tell AmiBroker to try thousands of different parameter combinations to find best-performing ones. Use Smart Artificial Intelligence Optimization (Particle Swarm and CMA-ES) to search huge spaces in limited time.

Walk-forward testing:

Don’t fall into over-fitting trap. Validate robustness of your system by checking its Out-of-Sample performance after In-Sample optimization process.

Monte Carlo Simulation:

Prepare yourself for difficult market conditions. Check worst-case scenarios and probability of ruin. Take insight into statistical properties of your trading system.

Concise and fast formula language to express your trading ideas

Fast array and matrix processing:

In AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) vectors and matrices are native types like plain numbers. To calculate mid point of High and Low arrays element-by-element you just type

MidPt = ( H + L )/2; // H and L are arrays

and it gets compiled to vectorized machine code. No need to write loops. This makes it possible to run your formulas at the same speed as code written in assembler. Native fast matrix operators and functions make statistical calculations a breeze.

Concise language means less work:

Your trading systems and indicators written in AFL will take less typing and less space than in other languages because many typical tasks in AFL are just single-liners. For example dynamic, ATR-based Chandelier’s stop is just:

ApplyStop( stopTypeTrailing, stopModePoint, 3* ATR(14), True, True );

Built-in debugger:

The debugger allows you to single-step thru your code and watch the variables in run-time to better understand what your formula is doing

State-of-the-art code editor:

Enjoy advanced editor with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, parameter call tips, code folding, auto-indenting and in-line error reporting. When you encounter an error, meaningful message is displayed right in-line so you don’t strain your eyes

Less typing, quicker results:

Coding your formula has never been easier with ready-to-use Code snippets. Use dozens of pre-written snippets that implement common coding tasks and patterns, or create your own snippets!


All your formulas automatically benefit from multiple processors/cores. Each chart formula, graphic renderer and every analysis window runs in separate threads.

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To run any of our products you would need

  • any Intel x86 compatible CPU
  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2K
  • 512MB RAM
  • 100MB disc space

Amibroker (Discover Validate Trade) V6.35.1Professional Edition With Crack{Latest}! 

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