Alt-Tab Terminator 5.7 With Crack

Alt-Tab Terminator:

Alt-Tab Terminator is an application for managing the windows of running programs, allowing you to almost instantly switch between them, shut them down, and launch another copy.

 The application is a worthy alternative to the system Alt+Tab dialog box.


“Terminator” can be called by clicking on the icon in the system tray, by pressing the system hot keys Alt+Tab, Win+Tab, or set by the user in the settings.

 You can switch between tasks using both the keyboard navigation keys and the mouse.

 Just like a system dialog box, Alt-Tab Terminator can show thumbnails (screenshots) of running programs.

For the main window of the program, it is possible to use light and dark themes, large and compact icons, the ability to refuse to display window titles, select one of three window sizes, and support full-screen mode.


  • Search by name
  • Preview
  • Application Cloud
  • Cleaning large marks
  • Mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • Full screen mode
  • Quick and easy setup
  • window manager
  • Support for Windows 10 and UAC

Alt-Tab Terminator 5.7 With Crack

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